Have you recently came across Kleenfant post in facebook or Instagram? I feel you, they are all over. So being a curious me, I researched and asked around as I am not the person to just go with the flow. I make my own path, the right path for me and my family. Here is what is discovered.

What is Kleenfant?
Kleenfant is the newest baby-wipes product that is something to look forward to. Not just a so-so brand, Kleenfant has been formulated to meet the delicate skin requirement for our babies. Made from 100% natural ingredients carefully picked to match the perfect product. It is extra soft, thick, and super absorbent that can take care of all the clutter of your babies. One more thing, Kleenfant is biodegradable, so we also contribute to help take care of mother nature.


What are the ingredients of Kleenfant?
While some parents skip reading the ingredients of this product, it is surely helpful to find out what we are using as it keeps us knowledgeable and mindful of the health of our kids. It contains Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Grape Seed Extract, Allantoin, DL-Alpha Tocopherol, Glycerin and Aqua.
On the other hand, we should also be aware of what the NOT of this product: No Chlorine, No Citric Acid, No artificial color, and No phenoxyethanol. These ingredients are proven to cause harm not just to the skin of the babies to all humans in general. So better take note of this.

My Experience with Kleenfant
There have been several options when it comes to baby wipes. As a mother, I always make sure that the products I am using for my kids are safe. Having 3 kids, 12 being the oldest, I already tried different products depending on the situation, purpose, cost, and availability. While the companies producing baby wipes do not really do marketing, word of mouth is the best and cheapest way to advertise – some pediatricians recommend brands, other moms in the community and information from relatives on what baby wipes to use.

Kleenfant baby wipes have a refreshing powder scent. The first time I opened it, I can’t help but smell it again and again. My kids love the smell too. The color-coded packaging suits my boy and girl, they keep one each on their cabinets so every time I will ask them to clean their stuff, they know where to get it. By the way, kleenfant is not just for the skin, it can be useful also to clean toys, gadgets, tables, shoes, etc because it is strong and durable.
Not just for kids, but as a personal experience, my hands don’t feel dry after using the wipes. This has been my problem with the others that I used before, always feel dry and makes me feel uncomfortable. With Kleenfant, the added moisturizer is a super plus for me.

In our situation today with different viruses sprouting left and right, cleanliness is a top priority. More than the alcohol or sanitizer, having wet wipes/baby wipes handy is really helpful.
Try to switch now with Kleenfant Baby Wipes – affordable, durable, safe and always available.



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